Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are gradually overtaking centralized exchanges (CEXs) in the trading field due to their seamless, transparent, and convenient nature. In fact, many derivative DEXs have emerged to reinforce this trend, coinciding with the decline of some major CEXs. At Build And Expand (BFX), we are committed to upholding this narrative and promoting its growth.

Perpetual contracts offer several benefits to traders, including capital efficiency through leverage, the ability to trade without owning the underlying asset, and no physical settlement requirement. These features allow traders to allocate capital more efficiently, trade a wider range of assets, and hold trades with leverage indefinitely.

Our aim is to bring the new generation of DEX with three principles:

  1. Permissionless: Non-custody of customer assets or storage of personally identifying information.

  2. Transparency: Everything is open, transparent, and immutably recorded on the BFX blockchain.

  3. Long-term income: A percentage of protocol revenue will be distributed back to liquidity providers and native token stakers in the form of BFX tokens.

What is BFX Finance?

BFX Finance is a decentralized exchange platform that offers leveraged trading opportunities for crypto assets and NFT with unique features on the BNB Chain. Our goal is to revolutionize how traders access leveraged trading by enabling users to trade leveraged positions for up to 100X with minimal fees and low price impact. All trades and collateral are transparently stored on the blockchain, ensuring full transparency.

BFX as the only platform you need for perpetual trading on BNB chain

We broaden trading opportunities by introducing Synthetic trading, which supports synthetic tokens through the PvP AMM. This new trading model provides more options to traders, including commodities, forex, and indexes, besides the blue-chip crypto assets.

BFX's native utility token that can be seamlessly transferred to other blockchains using Layer Zero Labs' omni chain fungible token (OFT) interoperability solution. This innovative feature allows the token to be burned on the source chain and minted on the destination chain, ensuring secure and valid delivery through the token contract. With omni fungible tokens, users can access a range of benefits, including higher platform fees, BFX emissions in the money market, and arbitrage opportunities. The composability of these tokens across multiple blockchains further enhances their flexibility and value proposition.

How does BFX offer the best trading experience on the BNB chain?

Lowest Fees

Traders can take advantage of flat funding fees, regardless of the duration or performance of their positions. This feature is especially beneficial for those in a loss, as it allows them to manage and maintain their positions over an extended period without the risk of being liquidated. With BFX, traders can enjoy greater flexibility and control over their trades, without worrying about high fees eating into their profits.

Completely On-Chain & Decentralized Matching Engine

BFX trading engine is open-source and on-chain leaving no room for manipulation or unfair liquidation via order hunting. As blockchains are getting faster and better, we are not using speed as an excuse to create an off-chain matching engine to compromise the security of users’ assets. The price is derived from the median prices of major CEXes, powered by Chainlink Price Feed, ensuring there is no risk of liquidation wicks for any trades.


Traders can supply any asset from assets under composition as collateral to open their positions as well as can redeem their collateral and profits in any asset under composition.

Zero-Spread & Zero-Impact Execution

Thanks to our robust and fair oracle and passive LP structure, BFX offers traders to trade with zero spread and zero pricing impact, allowing the same benefits to all traders irrespective of trade size.

Superior Trade Management

BFX allows traders to place multiple Stop-Loss & Take Profit orders for the same position. More order types are to come by.

NFT Derivatives

Apart from crypto perp trading, BFX is the first decentralized derivatives exchange offering perpetual trading for NFTs on the BNB chain. With low entry costs, users can speculate on future prices in either direction or short NFTs without holdings. BFX is committed to providing secure, professional, and user-friendly products and services for all users. More details will be provided soon!

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