BBC Launch & Treasury

NFTs will be freely minted for individuals who join the bootstrap phase of BFX Finance and and achieve the top highest trading volume. These NFTs will serve as the first gift to honor and reward the pioneers for their significant contributions. The remaining NFTs will be made available for sale during the Public Sale, ensuring that many people can become part of the BFX Finance community.
100% of the funds raised from the Public Sale will be used to add liquidity to the BLP Pool, bringing benefits to both the BFX platform and the community. For those new to BFX Finance, BLP represents an index of assets utilized for swap and leverage transactions. BLP token holders earn escrowed BFX rewards and receive 50% of the platform fees distributed in BNB and bonus esBFX rewards.
These fees will be directly transferred to the BLP Treasury to support various community activities within the BFX Finance community. The utilization of the treasury will be determined by the community, with numerous ideas already in place as follows:
  • Exclusive trading competitions
  • Enhanced NFT utility linked to BFX
  • Monthly rewards
  • Potential partnerships
Furthermore, BFX Finance will reserve 500,000 esBFX tokens exclusively for the Club. These esBFX tokens will be staked to earn protocol fees or vested into BFX, depending on the outcome of a community vote. This strategic move aims to enrich the Treasury and further strengthen the value proposition of the Club.