BBC roadmap

Be prepared to be amazed by the limitless power of the BBC. Join us on this incredible journey as we take your BFX experience to new heights.

Phase 1: BBC Launch

  • Free mint and Public Sales
  • BBC Availability on the Secondary Market
  • Treasury Page

Phase 2: BBC - Your BFX Identity

  • Participate in Governance Voting
  • Exclusive Trading Competitions for BBC Holders
  • BBC Exclusive Discord Channel
  • Customize your Personal Profile

Phase 3: Amplify Your BFX Experience

  • Social Trading Platform for Investors
  • BBC DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)
  • Unlock more Rewards
  • Engage in Exciting Marketing Campaigns

How to be part of the BBC?

As the BFX user base continues to grow and the markets become increasingly competitive, we are dedicated to constant improvement and innovation, ensuring that BBC remains one step ahead of the competition.
Prepare yourself, $BNB traders, to experience the unrivaled power of BBC. Get ready to unlock its boundless potential.