BFX is the platform's utility and governance token, holding the token unlocks a variety of benefits.

Token Information

The BFX token address
After staking BFX , you will receive a staked BFX token.
Note that the balance for this will return your total staked amount including any esBFX tokens and Multiplier Points.


Staked BFX receives three types of rewards:
  • Escrowed BFX
  • Multiplier Points
  • BNB Rewards
For more info on Escrowed BFX and Multiplier Points, please see the Earn page.
Note that the fees distributed are based on the number after deducting referral rewards and the network costs of keepers. Keeper costs are usually around 1% of the total fees.
To stake your BFX tokens, please visit the Earn page.


Total supply: 10,000,000 BFX
  • Initial liquidity (10%): 1,000,000 BFX and 70 WBNB
The remaining 90% will be converted to Escrowed BFX (esBFX) and distributed within 1000 days.
  • BLP (40%): 4,000,000 esBFX (Linear 1000 days)
  • BFX & esBFX Staker (20%): 2,000,000 esBFX (Linear 1000 days)
  • Treasury (10%): 1,000,000 esBFX
  • NFT (5%): 500,000 esBFX (Linear 1000 days)
  • Leaderboard & Community Incentive (5%): 500,000 esBFX (Linear 1000 days)
  • Dev (10%): 1,000,000 esBFX (Linear 1000 days)

How to get BFX token

Fees Distribution

Fees collected by the platform in the form of the network’s native token — BNB are distributed as follows:
  • 50% fees for BLP Stakers
  • 25% fees for BFX & esBFX Stakers
  • 15% fees for the Treasury (Gov) (Price Floor Fund)
  • 5% fees is used for buyback BFX
  • 5% fees for the dev team

Price floor fund

The BFX Treasury serves as the floor price fund, designed to support the long-term value of BFX in BNB and BLP. The funds in the Treasury grow through the below mechanisms.
  • 10% of the BFX supply is allocated to the Treasury in the form of 1,000,000 esBFX, and the community will vote to decide whether to stake these esBFX for rewards or vest them to BFX. If the staking option is chosen, BNB rewards will be added to the Treasury, while the esBFX and MPs will be restaked to earn even more rewards.
  • 15% of the protocol fee, collected in BNB, will be distributed weekly to Treasury .
  • A portion of the BNB in the Treasury is converted to BLP to earn more fees and ensure liquidity for increased trading activities.
As the Treasury grows, it can be utilized to conduct buybacks and burn BFX tokens if the (Floor Price Fund) / (Total Supply of BFX) ratio is lower than the BFX market price, establishing a minimum price for BFX in terms of BNB and BLP.
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